Making Changes Online Course

Making Changes Online Course

Laying the Foundation to Connect With Your Body, Deepen Your Self Worth, Self Love and Create Lasting Change In Your Life


Making Changes is jam-packed with actionable steps to reconnect with yourself, release what no longer serves you, and start manifesting your true potential.  In this online transformational education process, Kelly Kingston, founder of happy and well, guides you through 4 short but powerful exercises to prime your body and emotions for allowing your own love and self-healing to begin 🌟
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icon Acknowledge
That change needs to happen
icon Realise
With real-eyes that only YOU can set your own intention for yourself
icon Recognize
And allow the change to happen
icon Potential
To unite back with yourself for your life purpose
When you can truly love yourself again you have united back with yourself

-Kelly Kingston, founder of happy and well®

What is
Making Changes?

Making Changes is the first (of four) online transformational education processes in happy and well Academy. Processes which Kelly Kingston, founder of happy and well®, would have wanted years and years ago for supporting her own inner self healing journey.

So after decades of personal struggle, and over another decade + of empowering hundreds of kick-ass women to overcome their own struggles, Kelly created the change she wished to see in the world:

The 4-Step DIY Formula to

Fall in Love with Yourself
Ignite Your New Life

on a Foundation of Self Honour

What’s “in the box”?
There are 6 video modules to digest at your own pace, and to revisit as often as you like
(Estimate of 3 minutes )

Introduction to the 4 Video– the pathway for changing any area of life you want.

Video One
(Estimate of 10 minutes )

Embodied actions to:

  • Detach from your old self
  • Connect with the emotional and physiological healing properties of the colour blue
  • Release what no longer serves you
  • Call in what does serve you
Video Two
(Estimate of 8 minutes )
  • Connect with the emotional and physiological healing properties of purple
  • Practise self-pampering and self-love
  • Develop self awareness
  • Give yourself permission to allow the change you want to happen
Video Three
(Estimate of 8 minutes )

A creative and fun activity for:

  • Connecting with the emotional and physiological healing properties of green
  • Setting your own intention for yourself
  • Feeling yourself already changing in this moment
Video Four
(Estimate of 7 minutes )
  • Reunite with yourself for your life’s purpose
  • Connect with the emotional and physiological healing properties of yellow
  • Synthesise all the video and actualise your intentions
(Estimate of 3 minutes )

Now you’ve gone through all 4 video of your

  • DIY Formula… And as you think it, see it, feel it, believe it and play in it…
  • Your world is yours for the taking, so what are you waiting for?
FREE Trial to Our Monthly Membership ($49 Value)

Hop on Kelly’s weekly Happy Hour is your hour with Kelly: your opportunity to ask questions as they come up, hear other happy and well Academy members’ questions, and get to know your tribe.

The Key to Happiness is Connecting back in with self.

-Kelly Kingston, founder of happy and well®


I have worked alongside Kelly Kingston for 3 years now and seen my personal life and business life grow rapidly because of all she has given and imparted.
Tracey Horton Gold Coast , Australia
Working with Kelly at happy and well has been such a joy! The energy of fun, care, and love is so present. They really care about building community and having such a focus on creating a space for women to thrive is so empowering. I always feel so safe and powerful after being in one of Kelly’s spaces.
Ranetha Perera


We at happy and well® strongly believe all answers lie within!

However, you’re also welcome to email our team at [email protected]
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