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Empowering Entrepreneurs
through a deeper transformational healing experience

The happy and well® Academy is a healing and wellness eco-system that empowers Entrepreneurs and Professional’s to grow and thrive to their fullest potential.

Within this educational platform, Kelly KingstonFounder of happy and well®, guides you through a transformative healing journey to empower you with tools and processes that will up skill and scale you to your next soulful experience on this planet.

The happy and well® Academy is based on 3 major pathways – Your Pathway to Self Honour,  Your Pathway to Self Abundance and Your Pathway to Self Love. Each pathway within the Academy supports you to peel back even more layers of yourself so that you can experience unconditional love fully for yourself. Be supported every step of the way and empowered by this proven platform of wholistic transformation.

What is the
happy and well®

The happy and well® Academy is the full body of work including the 3 key pathways to

Founded by Kelly Kingston, inspired by her personal struggles and the tools she cultivated to support her healing journey. Kelly’s unique pathways have empowered other Entrepreneurs and Professional’s to transform and thrive as a result of inner healing and a supportive community.

Now, Kelly is creating a community that cares for Entrepreneurs and Professional’s that care so much for others.

After years of struggle, Kelly created the changes she desired to see in the world. Through sharing and refining her inner healing journey, she has cultivated a wholistic body of work including online processes, luxe in person retreats, events, summits and a community of Entrepreneurs and Professional’s – Exactly what she wished she had during her own self-healing journey of awakening through the many obstacles she faced.

SELF empower SELF esteem SELF love SELF care SELF worth SELF support

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what is

(other than your most radiant, empowered self)

The happy and well® Academy is an all encompassing body of work, compiled to guide the deepest possible transformation for those truly ready for change and personal empowerment.

Collection of in person
and online journeys:
The Breath of Life Free Gift E-Zine

When you know theres more and you don’t know where to turn, a basic practice you can return to again and again as you journey into deeper transformation

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Making Changes 1st Video Training

Laying the foundation to deeper self worth and lasting change.

I need this
In Your Life 2nd Video Training

Speak your truth and live happy and well, walking toward your true north with your head held high

Let’s do this
The Art of Change 3rd Video Training

Connect with your body and deepen in self love to create lasting change in your life.

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The Cycle Luxe Gift Box that you gift yourself. Physical product

All the guidance and support you need to make simple, daily 1% changes to create pure magic in this next cycle of your life.

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Сollection of online and in person
teachings, experiential practices
and supporting tools including

Online version coming soon

  • Your Ultimate Wellness Business Guide
  • Luxe in person immersions to deeply hold your transformation.
  • Blended oil to support your journey of Self Abundance
  • Mantras to uplift and empower you into your highest abundant potential.
  • Partnership opportunity to share your profound transformation with others and create reciprocal abundance as an affiliate of happy and well.
Journey of in person retreats and workshops to awaken, nourish
and empower you within a supportive community of
kick-ass women who are rising together
Creating conscious change begins with you through transformational education that brings you back home to YOU!

-Kelly Kingston, founder of happy and well®



Kelly Kingston is a delight to work with in any capacity. I have had the pleasure to work with her many times and she is always full of great advice and ideas. As a producer, she is so efficient and organised and she communicates with such joy. I love working with Kelly, she makes things easy.
Suzi Dent Gold Coast, Australia
I have worked alongside Kelly Kingston for 3 years now and seen my personal life and business life grow rapidly because of all she has given and imparted.
Tracey Horton Gold Coast , Australia
Kelly is a force of nature. Working alongside her opened my eyes to so many new possibilities and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Her endless energy, optimism, caring and wisdom make her an ideal creative partner.
Kristy Esterhuysen Brisbane , Australia
Working with Kelly at happy and well has been such a joy! The energy of fun, care, and love is so present. They really care about building community and having such a focus on creating a space for women to thrive is so empowering. I always feel so safe and powerful after being in one of Kelly’s spaces.
Ranetha Perera

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SELF empower SELF esteem SELF love SELF care SELF worth SELF support
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