The Art of Change Online Course

The Art of Change Online Course

Connect With Your Body, Deepen Your Self Worth, and Create Lasting Change In Your Life


The Art of Change connects you back into your body’s awareness, so you start loving yourself again and feel worthy of receiving all your heart’s desires
This collection of lost and forgotten wisdom is presented in a unique way, supporting you to have the holistic knowledge to know your body and not give your power away!
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Supports you in living life on YOUR OWN terms
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No more falling back into low vibrational patterns
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Tailor made to your life
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Empowers you to know your own truths
Identifying the pattern is awareness, choosing not to repeat the cycle is growth.


What is
The Art of Change?

After decades of personal struggle, and over another decade + of empowering hundreds of women to overcome their own struggles, Kelly Kingston, founder of happy and well®, developed this new online happy and well Academy process:

The 4-Step Secret Formula

Create Lasting Change
in Any Area of Your Life
That’s Not Working
for You.

What’s “in the box”?
There are 6 video modules to digest at your own pace, and to revisit as often as you like [sg_icon_star]
(Estimate of 3-4 minutes )

Introduction to the 4 Video to change any area of life you want- to support you in overcoming procrastination, and move beyond what everyone else wants for you… into what YOU want for you!

Video One
(Estimate of 7 -20 minutes )

Changing your thoughts, energy, and habits for good- so your desires can finally show up!

Video Two
(Estimate of 7 -20 minutes )

Visualisation, meditation, and actionables to “burn” the things that no longer serve you, and create your life from new!

Take Back Your Power – 
Manifest All Your Life’s Dreams For Real

Video Three
(Estimate of 7 -20 minutes )

Guidance and support to implement the changes- so you won’t give up or fall back into old patterns 🙂

Video Four
(Estimate of 7 -20 minutes )

The key to inner harmony, following your intuitive voice, gaining awareness… and much, much more!

(Estimate of 3-4 minutes )

Putting it all together, so the power of the Secret Formula can burst forth into your mind in less than 30 seconds!

FREE Trial to Our Monthly Membership ($49 Value)

Hop on Kelly’s weekly Happy Hour is your hour with Kelly: your opportunity to ask questions as they come up, hear other happy and well Academy members’ questions, and get to know your tribe.

You’re not stuck.

You’re just committed to certain patterns of behavior because they helped you in the past. Now those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful… Change the formula to get a different result.

-Emily Maroutian


We at happy and well® strongly believe all answers lie within!

However, you’re also welcome to email our team at [email protected]
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