Clearing Your Energy Channels


At first glance, the thought of “clearing your energy channels” might seem like a complicated task. The kind of thing you need a psychic, reiki master or guru to perform on you, right??

But the truth is nearly all our energy channels run along one main pathway- and when we clear out that pathway, we clear the whole house.

And anyone can do it at home. Or on the beach. Or while waiting at a stop light.

So, where are these energy channels, and how do we clear them?

Grow a Spine

There’s a reason for this expression. And it’s more than meets the eye-

Kelly Kingston, founder of happy and welll®, explains:

“Your spinal column is your life support and is the common area for psychic control by other people and thought forms. In running cosmic energy through your central spinal pathway, you are able to clear your own blocked and foreign energies. It also clears the chakras and balances the downwards and upwards flow of energy in the spinal pathway, opening the way for universal life force energy to enter.”

– Naked Skin Deep*, Quest 5

So by clearing our spinal pathway, we not only regain our power over ourselves, but we also clear out our whole system.

The How-To’s


Kelly continues this section of her book by taking you through a guided visualisation process, harnessing the power of white light and your own unique colour. The whole process should only take a few minutes, and she recommends doing it at least once a week.

Alternatively, you could do a YouTube search for something like, “how to clear energy channels” and you’ll see heaps of different methods- anywhere from 2.5 minutes to half an hour long.

Follow your intuition- you will know which one is the right one for you… And you can always choose another one if it doesn’t resonate


Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

*Naked Skin Deep is part of the happy and well® and happy and well Academy, and cannot be purchased separately.



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