Psychic Protection- Do You Need It?

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This is gonna be a somewhat controversial post.

Because if you’ve been in the metaphysical world more than a day or two, you’ve likely heard about protecting your aura, energy field, or some form of psychic protection.

And for good reason- when your chakras are open, and you’re a clear, open channel… You become clear and open to everything– the good, the bad, and ugly. And let’s face it- there’s some pretty nasty stuff out there!

So, just as you lock your doors at night; store your valuables in a safe-deposit vault; and do other things to protect your physical safety… Wouldn’t it be wise to protect your energetic safety too?

Yes, I agree… But here’s the thing-

When we rush to protect ourselves, from a space of fear or helplessness, as though the evil spirits are out to get us…

Guess what?


We attract more things to fear. Because acting from a sense of powerlessness sends the message to the universe- and to our very being- that we are helpless and need protection.

And our wish becomes the universe’s command!

“Ok, so Gavriel, what are you suggesting? Do we just allow ourselves to be a psychic sponge and let psychic vampires have free reign over us? How is that ‘empowering’??”

Good question

I’m not saying to leave your energetic doors open 24/7 or leave your psychic valuables out in your front yard

All I’m saying is,

Acknowledge You Are Infinitely Powerful

Any method you use, or angels you call in for support, are there to contribute to younot to replace your power-essence!

A Guided Protection Visualisation

The following step by step protection method is from Kelly Kingston’s newest book, Naked Skin Deep*:

Practice this every day to make your own defence and protection system stronger. It also gives your immune system a boost.

It is important to have a straight spine- standing is best, but you may lay down, if necessary.


Begin inviting your Higher Self:

  1. Breathe deeply and evenly until you feel your whole body relax.
  2. Visualise a bright blue oval of light surrounding your body.
  3. Next visualise a sphere of brilliant golden light slightly above your head.
  4. Concentrate until the sphere is glowing brilliantly, (this is the light of your higher self). Feel yourself connected with the Divine/all that is, into the no-nothingness.
  5. When you are ready, see the sphere slowly merging with your physical body until it completely fills the blue oval with its brilliant light, your life force.

When your channels are open you become an open channel for everything– the good, bad, and ugly. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your aura without closing yourself off.

As you invoke any protective ritual of your choice, please remember:

You’re not a damsel in distress, lol–

 You are an infinite, powerful Queen


P.S. If you enjoyed this guided visualisation from Kelly’s Naked Skin Deep book, there’s more where this came from.

*Kelly Kingston’s Naked Skin Deep book is part of the happy and well® happy and well Academy, and is not for sale separately.



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