How To Achieve Creative Transformation

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Ever seen somebody else go through a miraculous transformation… and wonder what it would take for you to create that (or something like that)?

But then maybe you start telling yourself how much struggle, sacrifice, or even luck must’ve gone into it…? And then you give up before you even start!?

Well, what if that’s not the case? What if they went along their quest in a completely different way than you think- using a formula anyone can use?

What if they followed Kelly Kingston’s…

6 Steps for Creative Transformation
  1. Start with an super clear Intention
    Write down, in detail, exactly what you no longer want and what you do want instead. Make it emotional.
  2. Visualisation
    See yourself already being or doing your intention.

“You are already brilliant and talented and know how to do it, so don’t fool yourself.”

– Kelly kingston


3. Affirmation
Speak a positive, powerful and present tense

“If you believe things strongly enough, and can bring up the confidence in yourself for what is needed, you can accomplish a lot in a short time.”

4. Reinforce a practical/physical solution

This will help to get the message across neurologically. You need to take physical steps, otherwise the brain will not accept it easily.

e.g., write in your journal how good you feel, every day a little better, set up an environment of your liking, nice smells, music, colours, crystals to anchor a positive experience or a good feeling.

5. Reward yourself
After each step you take along the way!

6. Repetition
When you learn a new skill or practise a new attitude, it takes repetition to hardwire those new neurological pathways

The Pink Elephant In the Room

Ok, now you might be thinking,

“How can you be so sure this wondrous person followed those exact 6 steps? Maybe they used some other system?”

And you’re right… I don’t know… (We’d have to ask!)

But one thing’s for certain- they set a clear intention and took the steps to achieve it.

So I recommend finding a method- any method– that resonates with you.

And then doing it!

Because if you keep doing whatever you’re doing the same way you’ve always been doing it… I can almost guarantee you’ll see more of the same.


And if these 6 Steps for Creative Transformation resonate, you’re invited to check out Kelly’s brand new happy and well Academy, where she’ll guide you and a community of other kick-ass women along a proven journey to create the life of your dreams.



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