Grounding- the What, Why and Hows?

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already somewhat familiar with grounding. (Think: a barefoot, tree-hugging hippie who reeks of patchouli)

And maybe you’re looking for the deeper, unknown benefits?

Or some practical ways to do it when it’s freezing or raining… or you simply don’t need your neighbours staring at you?

If so, you’re in the right place, my friend

Let’s Start With the What and Why

Grounding simply means keeping your mind where your body is and being connected to the earth’s energy. While our mind is absent, the body is left unattended, leaving it open to mistakes and unexpected shocks. Being here in the moment moves repressed emotions and karma out of the body. It enables you to bring your higher self directly into the physical body, to experience the God/Source/Energy within self.

Ungrounded, you are a psychic sponge and very vulnerable to taking on foreign energy. The emotion of fear is a very true emotion and covers many aspects, like dark thoughts, feeling weak, the feelings of being at another’s mercy.


Grounding also transcends the belief in and fear of the limitations of the physical plane….

 – Naked Skin Deep* by Kelly Kingston, founder of happy and well®

Kelly continues to explain that when we’re grounded, calm, and believe everything’s ok, we’re less at the effect of negative people or thoughts. And this is important because even though you can’t control other people or events… you can control your reaction!

And by taking control of your own headspace and energy field, you become “slippery”, and other people’s shit just doesn’t “stick”.

Ok, if that sounds good in theory… Then let’s get to the hows.

5 Methods for Grounding

There are as many ways to ground as there are people. Some methods require connecting with the earth physically; other methods require moving your body; while others only require your awareness and presence.

If you enjoy guided imagery using colours, chakras, and grounding cords… You’ll love one of Kelly’s methods in Naked Skin Deep*!

In the meantime, I chose these particular 5 from Naked Skin Deep* because they’re easy to explain and simple to do:

  1. Stamp your feet on the ground, or breath out sharply from the diaphragm.
  2. Do something with your hands, like dishes, or weeding and watering in your garden. Just be aware of doing these things and think of nothing else.
  3. Go swimming, walking, play some sort of sport, or practice yoga
  4. Tap with your fingertips all over your head
  5. A sudden break away from watching television helps you realise you’ve been absent from your own physical awareness

Which one’s the best?

The one that resonates. The one you’ll actually do

P.S. Would love for you to drop a comment with your favourite grounding method, and what difference it makes to your being happy and well!

*Kelly Kingston’s Naked Skin Deep book is part of the happy and well® happy and well Academy, and is not for sale separately.




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