Sealing Your Aura

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In Kelly Kingston’s latest book, Naked Skin Deep*, she touches an interesting phenomenon:

As you start shining your light, you’ll start attracting moths, lol.

However, the good news is,

“Once the subtle energy bodies are cleared to a certain extent and you begin to radiate light from your soul, chakras and higher self, these lower entities and lower frequency energies will simply be repelled naturally.”

Ok… but what do you do in the meantime, during the awkward moth phase?

As you move into higher vibrations you become more vulnerable to collecting negative energy in your auric field, so you need to seal the aura. Sealing is a daily part of the Shamanistic tradition, not to create fear, but simply for self-protection to function better. It helps you choose what you do let into the auric field and what not to let in. It is wise to do this before treatments or when going out into the crowds.

-Quest 5 of Kelly Kingston’s Naked Skin Deep*


Sealing your aura also helps maintain your energetic boundaries, so you don’t get caught in other people’s pains and problems. (Just think of all the time and energy you save by not processing other people’s rubbish)

Kelly recommends these two practical ways to clear your aura:

  • Hit the beach the salty ocean water clears stagnant energy
  • Lay outside in the sun, under a big, healthy tree That’s all for now. Have fun sealing your aura

*Naked Skin Deep is part of the happy and well® happy and well Academy, and is not sold separately.



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