Setting Goals Vs Receiving Your Desires

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When it comes to goal setting and manifesting those goals, do the following scenarios sound familiar?

On the one hand, you have these metaphysical gurus talking about Law of Attraction stuff, creating vision boards, and manifesting your heart’s desires. They swear it’s as easy as meditating, changing your vibration, and waiting for everything to fall into place on its own.

While on the other side of the spectrum lie the doers- the goal setters, the hard workers, the hustlers. They’ve got their hands in a million different projects; view every personal interaction as a means toward their goal; and will stop at nothing, even if someone has to die, lol.

Are you sensing those two very different vibes?

The first is an attractive “pull the things you want toward you” energy. And the other is more of an aggressive “push.” Chasing after their dreams… And those poor dreams flee for their lives!

Now you’re probably wondering:

Which approach works better?
Does it have to be one or the other?
Do each of these energies have its time and place?

Or maybe we’re looking at it from the wrong angle altogether…? Maybe if we approach our goal setting from an entirely different space, we wouldn’t bump into this conundrum in the first place!

Congruency With Your Goals

In Kelly Kingston’s latest book, Naked Skin Deep, she describes a process for setting goals that work in alignment with

“Ask and you shall receive.”

The trick is to set your goals and work toward them in a way that invites the change you desire into your life. The key is how you come up with your goals in the first place.

What do I mean?


Well, Kelly talks about setting goals that are in alignment with your true desires.

Because a lot of times we set the goals society thinks is important, even when our heart isn’t in it. Or we think we want  , but the reality is we’re more infatuated with the idea of it than actually having it

So, if your goals are set on a faulty foundation, you’re gonna have to work really hard to manifest it…

Regardless of whether you use the push or pull approach!

The 4 Questions to Ask Before Goal Setting

So here are Kelly’s 4 questions to ask yourself before you attempt actualising your goals:

  1. Is your heart aligned with your desire?
  2. Do you truly believe this goal is reachable?
  3. Are you truly willing to receive the abundance, peace, and prosperity that this dream will bring to you?
  4. Is it for the highest good of all concerned?
    If not, is it better if you don’t have it?
Next Steps

Now that you’re in alignment with your goals, Kelly continues Quest 5 of Naked Skin Deep with another process for actualising those goals. And when you join happy and well Academy, you get real, live support from Kelly and the community of kick-ass women rooting for you  



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